Tailor made trekking tours with mountain guide

On its own the moniker Trekking renders the activity of easy hiking attractive again. The Trek once referred to a train of settlers struggling with extreme effort, few logistics and even less to eat throughout a wild landscape. The term Trek received its meaning mainly through the Great Trek of the South African Boers in the 1830s.

Today, so-called trekking has become quite sociable and many hikers seek the challenge of a long, exhausting march. Trekking is certainly the purest form of long-distance hiking that is now practiced all over the world. The long, demanding days, filled with many kilometers, as well as the simple life in a tent or in a modest accommodation fill the spirit and soul with time and space. Trekking is arguably one of the most beautiful forms of self-discovery, a return to the simple existence and for most people provides a deep and meaningful sense of satisfaction.

A hike or a trekking tour is a very personal experience and at the same time probably the most suitable discipline for creating a customized package. Although I am a young mountain guide and often mocked for leading walks in our profession, it is one of my specialties. I enjoy hiking as well as trekking tours and I believe I can implement your ideas, wishes and dreams extremely well.

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