Mountain guide from South Tyrol - Josef Hilpold

"Come with me and I will teach you the language of the mountains.
It guides us, connects passion and beauty, effort and satisfaction. It gives us the deep experience we so often search for without really finding it.

As a South Tyrolean mountain guide, I organize individual mountain tours for individuals and small groups in climbing, trekking, freeriding, ski touring and ice climbing."

Mountain guide from South Tyrol - Josef Hilpold
More about me
"I will gladly and safely accompany you on your
very personal journey to the peak of your dreams".


Let's climb up to the highest peaks together - we already know the ropes!

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A hiking or a trekking tour is something very personal, give us the chance to organize a custom-tailored tour package for you that you will thoroughly enjoy.

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Only those who know all of a winter wonderland's secrets can safely go up the mountains and ski back down unspoiled slopes. Come with me and I'll show you the most beautiful places, even in Canada.

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Ski touring

Strap on your skis and discover breathtaking winter landscapes. Your skis turn into wings that let you fly to unknown places where you can look down to the ocean or the desert from the tops of snow-covered mountains.

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Ice climbing

When flowing water freezes in winter and turns into an icy spectacle, that's when ice climbers start looking for their equipment. Come with us and conquer the Frozen Waters.

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Alpine Tours

Reaching the top of a mountain means using many skills: walking, hiking, climbing and ice climbing all merge into one discipline. The mountain top is only one highlight, your way back down will bring you to the next Level.

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