Guided ski tours for beginners and advanced skiers

Unlike freeriding, where we often use lifts to get to altitude and only walk short distances to reach pristine slopes, in ski touring we head for our destination using our own muscle power.

Ski touring is probably the oldest ski discipline. As early as 1521, the Swedish nobleman Gustav Eriksson Wasa used skis; to successfully outrun his pursuers, soldiers of the Danish king.

Ski touring combines the strenuous slowness of the ascent, which gives time for contemplation, with the well-deserved exhilaration of a descent. With touring skis it is always possible to find and explore untouched landscapes in South Tyrol and its surroundings.

The skis become wings that take the winter mountaineer to unknown lands, where he can look from the snow-covered slopes to the sea or to a desert landscape. Nowhere is the experience of contrasts as intense as when ascending and descending on touring skis.

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