Freeride tours & powder skiing

An ancient discipline repackaged. Skiing in open terrain was practiced long before skiing on groomed and managed slopes, and it was eventually rediscovered. Freeriding is neither a sport nor a particular skiing style, but as the name suggests, it is a trend which moves away from developed ski slopes.

The most important prerequisite for skiing in uncontrolled terrain is not only the small art of deep snow skiing, but a sound knowledge of the snowpack. Only those who really know the many secrets of white splendor can safely climb into the mountains in winter and descend over untouched slopes.

The development of special skis has taken many skiers off the groomed runs and into the world of pristine slopes and steep gullies. As soon as the mountains cover themselves with a white blanket, they become an endless playing field, which offers an all-consuming intoxication. Provided the rules of the game are known!

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