Ski Tours in Greenland

25.03.23 - 02.04.23

A spectacular ski tour trip

Yes I didn't think I would be drawn to Greenland once in my life, but yes it came as a surprise when someone in Bruneck told me about how many possibilities there were to go ski touring on the east side of this island.

He held his cell phone in front of me and said, see for yourself....

I saw the pictures and was immediately hooked on this country... dog sleds, lonely peaks, remoteness, breathtaking mountain scenery, icebergs, polar bears.... what else does a mountaineer or adventurer need to find this country attractive?

This here is a kind of preview, as I am planning to travel to Greenland in 2020 and see for myself how many possibilities there really are...

but already in advance the given date is fixed and about more exact detail I write shortly

Greenland impressions

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